The RiverBug Tube Fly method. Super Easy and Fast Way for everyone to create catchy flies. This pattern have been develop in Finland and has been tested in many Scandinavian rivers and North America, with seriously good success. This is a Tube Fly idea that trouts and many salmon species can´t resist!


RR – WOBBLER is one of The Best Salmon and Trout lures that´s Made in Finland. These wobblers are carefully and individually done and tested ( adjusted to right swim style ) by Mr. Lasse Pauhe in city of Tampere.

There´s no salmon stocks in Lasse´s home city, but strong willing and ambition to find out and to create an effective lure model for salmon and trout did drove him over 100 km´s, nearly daily to nearest super challenging salmon spot to test these lures in real action. This determined work and many sacrifices in spend time finally paid off and High Quality lures were born.

Several hundreds of salmon and trout have chosen to bite in RR – Wobblers during Lasse´s 20 years sportfishing career. Just in Lasse´s own rods! These wooden handicraft lures have a strong reputation in many river systems in Finland, Sweden and Norway. And surely, many salmon fishermen in Scandinavia are gratefully about Lasse´s handicrafts on these days. I´m also. Still time after time…when there´s a ”zero day on the door” in a salmon river. Just chance lure to RR – Wobbler and truly find out if theres really is eny fish living enymore 🙂

Manufactory capasity on these lures hang nearby 2000 st in a year, so if You want to get Your own piece for next season…You are in a hurry up to order one.rrvaappufin

Link to RR – Wobblers home page ( click this )

YouTube Video : Watch this video and see how RR – Wobblers are done and a lot more!

YouTube Video : 12 kilo´s  Salmon with RR – Wobbler From Tornio River

YouTube Video : 17.6 kilo´s Salmon from Boden with RR – Wobbler

YouTube Video : Fall Fishing in Kymi River with RR – wobbler ( Finland )
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RiverBug Tube Flies – Finnish Innovation for Fly Tying. Easy Tube Flies for Everyone! #flytying #tubefly #putkiperhot #perhonsidonta #spinfluga #tubluga #riverbug #lohi #salmon #salmonfishing #finnlures